20 January 2013

1/19/13 Westfield Cemetery

I must say I am very proud of myself for going out to the cemetery and taking pictures.  I have been inspired by The Dainty Squid for a long while, and I finally worked up the guts to go take pictures.  My main excuse had always been "Where do I park??"  I was passing the cemetery on the way to the grocery store yesterday, so i pulled in and just parked.  I knew that if I went shopping first I would be fretting about it the entire time and would end up not going.  

I'm really liking the outcome of my trip, I took about 70 photos and these are my favorite 5.  Next time I want to bring a step ladder and my other lens.  I might even edit some of these later today.  

I never knew how beautiful headstones could be!

This last photo is here because I thought the headstone was neat.  

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