01 February 2013

purse post

I know you are all very excited.  But not as excited as me to be jumping on this "bag"wagon.  Hahah, wow.  I was not even planning that... it just happened.

Here's my purse, well my at the moment purse.  It's a Coach bag, from the 80's I think.  I got it really cheap at the SalArm for $6!  It's great quality, I love it.
I actually had to find my phone wallet and keys and throw them in here... I just keep stuff lying around all over the place.
So much stuff!  I can't believe all this stuff fits in my bag and I carry it around.
There is stuff in here that I never use, like the knife, but instead of going through my things I just stuck everything back in the bag.

Things in my purse :
two pomegranate lip balms *
two pennies*
one set of ear plugs
(I have very sensitive ears)
glasses case
wallet (it's so blah I know, I want a cool one)
Bermuda circle cards!!
Nikon CoolPix point and shoot camera
knife (I live in a sketchy area and put this in my pocket when walking to work... not that I would know what to do with it)two beaded keychains*
one HB drawing pencil
pencil sharpener
nail file*
someone's business card that I thought was cute
thumb drive 16gb*

*-I had no earthly idea that this was in my purse

close up of the awesome circle cards.  
close up of my awesome keychain that is actually a bracelet that didn't fit me .... that my friend brought for me from Kenya.

Please let me know if you do a bag post because I love them.

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